Limited Government Resolution

The Limited Government Resolution was ratified by the group membership in March 2010. Instead of acting as candidate pledge that the politicians can sign just to gain your vote, the resolution acts as a governing pledge by which all elected officials will be judged.

The main pillars of the resolution are:

  1. Lowering taxes
  2. Eliminating deficit spending
  3. Decreasing public debt
  4. Reducing government power, authority, and regulatory functions to Constitutional levels

Read the entire resolution here:   limited government resolution

It is with this document that we intend to hold all elected officials, at all levels of government, accountable.  We ask all candidates and elected representatives to sign a pledge to uphold the resolution.  To date the following elected officials have signed:

  • Bob Mensch, PA Senate, 24th District
  • Justin Simmons, PA General Assembly, 131st District
  • Joe Emrick, PA General Assembly, 137th District
  • Marcia Hahn, PA General Assembly, 138th District
  • Susan Baxter, Saucon Valley School Board

We encourage all members to present this resolution to their representatives at every level of government and ask them to sign onto the Limited Government Pledge:

  • Local (school board, city/township/municipality, and county)
  • State (state representative and state senator)
  • Federal (U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators)

View the Pledge Here:  lgr governingpledge