Lehigh County Sanctuary Status Will Cost Taxpayers

Few Lehigh County residents know that the county is a sanctuary county.  Many, including some Commissioners, have argued that sanctuary status was untrue, just a rumor.  Well now, not only is the county listed by CIS, (Center for Immigration Studies) but it is also listed by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Other than the obvious problem that the county will release into the community, criminal aliens who have deportation status, the county stands to lose millions in federal tax money.  And how did this status come about?  The county passed resolution 2014-36 in late 2014 to avoid being sued, after settling a case it was going to lose.  That case is a long story, but here’s the big news.  According to the ACLU, the resolution was part of the settlement agreement.

Why does that matter?  Well, the county can’t rescind the resolution because otherwise it can be sued for breach of contract (agreement).  Therefore, if the current commissioners don’t rescind the resolution, it could cost the county millions in federal funds.  If they do, it could cost the county hundreds of thousands in a new ACLU suit.

Guess who will be picking up the tab.  Hint: the taxpayer…