Introducing Rick Saccone for US Senate 2018

Introducing Rick Saccone who is running to replace Bob Casey in 2018. Rick is well known within the 2nd Amendment community for his absolute dedication to our Right to Keep and Bear arms.

Rick will be joining us at our special event for David Rubin on May 10th. You can view Rick’s brochure here…

You can also listen to his first ever interview with Gunther, here…

It is very early in this race, but we feel it is important for you to begin to get to know who the potential replacements in key seats might be. Casey’s seat is certainly key, as he has done nothing but block the Trump agenda at every turn. That means he is blocking the people’s agenda. We must do all we can to end his Senate career.

Rick Saccone is a strong conservative, Veteran, Pro-Life Christian, former USAF counter Intelligence officer, diplomat to North Korea, four term state Representative and author of God in Our Government.

On May 10th, Rick will add to the conversation on US/Israel relations and the need to recognize Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel by moving our embassy.

Please save the date. Bring a friend. May 10th, Starlite Ballroom at Fearless Fire Co. in Allentown.

//tom campione
Chairman, Lehigh Valley Project 9/12 Tea Party Group