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James Madison on the Destructiveness of Too Much Law

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 "It will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice, if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood; if they be repealed or revised before they are promulgated, or undergo such incessant changes that no man who knows what the law is today can guess what it will be to-morrow."

--James Madison, Federalist No. 62, 1788

All that it takes to destroy freedom is make the law so extensive that it becomes totalitarian.


The importance of supporting the troops

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Major David Repyneck

At our last general meeting we had Army Major David Repyneck with the 109th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment address the membership. He related the importance of hearing from the folks back home and how the packages sent out are appreciated. The Major also answered questions from the audience. Also at the meeting "Support the Troops" (run by Blair & Valerie Ferguson) collected Christmas cards to be delivered to service members stationed in Afghanistan in addition to the regular supplies donated.

Please remember to bring something for the troops or help out financially if you can. More information on Support the Troops Inc. can be found HERE.

Blair & Valerie Ferguson with Major Repyneck

Last Updated on Saturday, December 29, 2012


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This is not a revenue problem or fiscal cliff

In response to the current 2013 Government Spending Crisis (deceptively called the “fiscal cliff”), the Lehigh Valley Tea Party (LVTP) asks our Representatives and Senators, as a first step toward a solution to this crisis, to vote for legislation cutting the size and power of government.

The federal government cuts should start with eliminating the wasteful cost of departments performing improper functions of government at the federal level. The first federal departments to be abolished with the control of these functions picked up by the states are: Education, Energy, Health & Human Services, Commerce, and the Environmental Protection Agency.  These department eliminations will help to eradicate costly waste in addition to the abuse of power by government operatives and regulators.

Further, the LVTP asks our Representatives and Senators to work on legislation dissolving the Federal Reserve System and returning the banking function to its rightful place in the private sector. The Federal Reserve has failed to maintain a sound currency which should have been its primary function.

The LVTP asks our Representatives and Senators to work on legislation that replaces “baseline budgeting” by the federal government with “zero-based budgeting” to terminate the perpetual and unjustified growth of Big Government.

The LVTP asks our Representatives and Senators to fight against and vote against any future attempt to raise the debt ceiling, and especially to fight against any unconstitutional attempt by President Obama to seize Congress’s rightful power to control the debt ceiling and, thus, government spending.

The LVTP judges that these dramatic cuts to government size and power and reductions in government interference in the economy are the only morally, politically, and economically justifiable method for delaying the effects coming from massive and unjustifiable government spending. We hope that these measures will delay the American people having to suffer the collapse of the dollar by inflation or the enslavement of future generations by massive government borrowing. The destructive inflation would be caused by the Federal Reserve System printing outrageous amounts of money (i.e., Quantitative Easing, QE1 & QE2) in order to support unjustifiable government spending. The destructive borrowing would be the result of incurring massive debt to foreign nations that are hostile to Individual Rights in order to support unjustifiable government spending.

Executive Board of the Lehigh Valley Tea Party


Newtown, CT

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There is nothing that can stem the loss of their children, we as fellow parents and fellow Americans can surround them with our sympathy and support. If you wish to send a card or letter of sympathy and support the address is below.

Please share, in times of anguish it is good to know that you are not alone.
Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482



A "Moral Cliff" or a "Spending Cliff," but NOT a "fiscal cliff"

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Tea Party members must stop letting our Statist / Leftist opponents define the terminology and the arguments allowed for the debate on the issues crucial to the survival of our Individual Rights and the restoration of a Limited Government in America.

One such Leftist term is "fiscal cliff."  We may face a Spending Cliff. Author Ari Armstrong insists that we face a Moral Cliff, but we do not face a fiscal cliff.  This term "fiscal cliff" is a clever Leftist ruse to force the focus onto raising taxes (aka revenues) and to avoid discussing the outrageously excessive spending by both political parties on improper functions of government like "Entitlements," another Leftist-created term. The term "Entitlement" was created to remove any obligation on the part of the recipients of Entitlements to show any gratitude or to give any thank you to the producers of wealth whose stolen wealth (taxes) was redistributed to those "entitled" people who did not earn it.

Here is a superb essay by Ari Armstrong that makes this moral argument very clear:



ObamaCare Law is Funding Many Radical Leftist Causes Aimed at Destroying the USA

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The ObamaCare law's sub-sections have now been exposed to be funding numerous radical leftist groups that are using your tax dollars to: fund Vote Buying, fund lawsuits to stop Oil and Gas Drilling, fund million dollar "alleged business" loans to SUB-PRIME borrowers, fund Michelle Obama's fantasy of "food deserts," and fund Social Justice (i.e., redistribution of wealth) activities. The expose' titled "How Centers for Disease Control Have Moved Into Vote Buying Business" was written by Betsy McCaughey and was published in the New York Sun on November 15, 2012.




Last Updated on Friday, November 16, 2012

LVTP in the news




A reporter from the Patch news service has posted an article about the Tea Party and the election. Check it out, and check out the comment section there also!

Link to the article ---> Lehigh Valley Tea Party Will Fight After Obama's Win



To our members

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The Big Gov't Protest


I am very sorry we had to cancel our November Membership Meeting but sometimes there are things that happen that we cannot control.

I encourage our members to 1.) Get out to vote, 2.) If you have the time, stand outside of a polling place to make sure the vote is not violated by any illegal actions of others and if they are report them to the person in charge, 3.)Talk to people about our Tea Party and if you have flyers hand them out.

I also ask if you believe in prayer, please prayer for the election that no harm comes to any poll workers or voters in each precinct and of course the outcome of the election.

No matter who wins the election our work is NOT finished in fact it may have only just begun. I remember years ago people asked Rush Limbaugh “what are you going to talk about when Bill Clinton is no longer in office” and he said there is always something going on in government to not only talk about but to try and change. That is where the Tea Party will be after the election we will be “still watching” all government, local, state and federal. We hope to add to our watchdog groups for various issues and have those issues reported to the group for action.

Stay tuned for future events and issues that we will address as they occur.

Thanks to all of you for your dedication to the Tea Party and know we will be asking you to take on more obligations as time goes on.

Barb Walters, Chairman


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