How The Left Plans to Destroy the Trump Administration

We have David Brock’s original file in which he lays out the plan to bring down the Trump administration.  This file is 44 pages long, but much easier to read than the scanned images that are floating around the web.

According to his memo, their “war room” consists of a complete staff, lots of technology, twenty thousand hours of video, 289 research books and almost $15 million to start with.

Read the document.  You can see for yourself, how unbelievably sophisticated our opposition is.  Remember, they have full-time well-paid staff to sit around and do this stuff.  On our side, we have volunteers who are trying to care for their families and donate a couple of hours a month.  And on our side, people come and go. So, maintaining continuity is a major effort.

This what we are up against folks.  President Trump can’t do it alone.  We need everyone possible to give, in some way.  Come, give some time.  If you can’t, give some money.  In war, the army that wins is usually the larger, better funded.

Here’s the memo: (give it a minute to load… its a large file)