Lehigh Valley Project 9-12 Tea Party Group

Serving Lehigh and Northampton Counties

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Welcome to the Candidate Review Action Committee

We need to identify like-minded candidates, starting at the local level, who support our ideals and commitment to upholding the Constitutional principle of a limited government.  The federal and state elections of 2010 were important, but the local elections in 2011 will have an even more immediate and greater impact on our everyday lives.  Will property taxes continue to increase?  Will the out-of-control spending at the local level stop?  Only we can decide.  Local elections are sometimes decided by under 100 votes!

In the 2011 Municipal Elections we in the Lehigh Valley will elect:

  • Lehigh County Commissioners (at large) and row officers
  • Northampton County Council Members (by districts)
  • City and Borough Council Members
  • Mayor of Easton and Whitehall
  • Township Commissioners and Supervisors
  • School Directors
  • Common Pleas and Magisterial District Judges

This year, the Candidate Review Committee will be working closely with the Valley Watchdogs to examine, report on, and offer opportunities to meet each and every candidate for these local elections so that we can enable ourselves, our neighbors, and the public at large to make the best informed decisions possible at the ballot box.

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