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Agenda 21 - Sustainable Development

AGENDA 21 - "Sustainable Development"

United Nations Agenda 21 is a plot to do an end run around the American electorate by letting a handful of radical environmentalists and their organization, the "International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives" (ICLEI), pressure or con local city and town governments into adopting the radical environmentalist language and policies of UN Agenda 21 into their development planning without the electorate's knowledge or consent. UN Agenda 21's language centers around the invalid and evil concept of "sustainability" which I will write more on in the future.  UN Agenda 21's policies center around driving people out of suburbs and concentrating them in cities where their freedom and independence can be eradicated more easily by the "We Know Best," Elitist, government officials.

Thus far ICLEI has helped con 600+ U.S. cities into writing UN Agenda 21 language and policies into their development planning.  However, Americans, especially Tea Party members, are catching on to the Agenda 21 plot and are demanding that their local governments drop their membership in ICLEI. However, this does not mean that Agenda 21 language and its "Sustainability" policies are also being dropped by the cities and towns.  Much more hard work is needed as the article cited below points out.

' ICLEI was founded in 1990, as the "International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives," at the World Congress of Local Governments for a Sustainable Future, held at the United Nations headquarters in New York.'

The end goal of Agenda 21 is identified later in the article as:

' The American dream of the beautiful house, big front and back yard, white picket fence, and one to two cars is to be replaced with the United Nations’ Agenda 21 vision of living in “high density” urban dwellings, where you are restricted in the amount of what you can consume or dispose, where prices on goods and services are higher, and where you will have no mobile freedom or independence to travel as you please. '

How to Fight Back Against
 Sustainable Development


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