Energy & Environment

Energy and Environment Action Committee – WHAT and WHY WE ARE

We promote the intelligent, efficient use of America’s natural resources while advocating for minimizing the pollution of the air, water, and land for future generations.

Our method is first to educate ourselves, then we form a policy position on an issue with valid scientific facts to support the sensible use of our natural resources. We share the scientific facts that we learn with other groups in order to educate their members on sensible energy and environment policies. We also oppose radical environmentalist policies and lawsuits that defy valid science and assault American jobs and industries, especially the energy industry.

America’s prosperity and high standard of living have been driven by inexpensive energy supplies throughout our history (1850 onward). Radical Environmental policies will immensely increase the cost of energy for all consumers in this country with their assaults on ALL inexpensive energy sources: coal, oil, nuclear, natural gas, and hydro-electric dams. We have uncovered the scientific facts that demonstrate the impracticality of Solar and Wind Power (so-called Renewable Energy), thus, invalidating the justification for government subsidies and mandates for them.

In addition to much higher consumer energy costs, U.S. industry also incurs extremely high costs to manufacture goods in the U.S. due to severe, unjustified regulations limiting emissions and waste disposal, not to mention the thousands of pages of onerous regulations requiring detailed monitoring and record keeping. These regulations and requirements kill U.S. jobs by driving them offshore.

We are fighting to stop government policies aimed at steadily driving America’s standard of living downward toward Third World levels of: poverty, famine, disease, suffering, and death. Please join us to help with our efforts to spread the knowledge of scientific facts widely enough that they stop radical environmental ideology and propaganda from being implemented in government actions.

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