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A "Moral Cliff" or a "Spending Cliff," but NOT a "fiscal cliff"

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Tea Party members must stop letting our Statist / Leftist opponents define the terminology and the arguments allowed for the debate on the issues crucial to the survival of our Individual Rights and the restoration of a Limited Government in America.

One such Leftist term is "fiscal cliff."  We may face a Spending Cliff. Author Ari Armstrong insists that we face a Moral Cliff, but we do not face a fiscal cliff.  This term "fiscal cliff" is a clever Leftist ruse to force the focus onto raising taxes (aka revenues) and to avoid discussing the outrageously excessive spending by both political parties on improper functions of government like "Entitlements," another Leftist-created term. The term "Entitlement" was created to remove any obligation on the part of the recipients of Entitlements to show any gratitude or to give any thank you to the producers of wealth whose stolen wealth (taxes) was redistributed to those "entitled" people who did not earn it.

Here is a superb essay by Ari Armstrong that makes this moral argument very clear:


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