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CA Cap & Trade Law used to steal Corp. Funds for Big Government Boondoggle

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California’s Statist tyrants plan to use the CO2 emission penalty fees from California’s state Cap & Trade Law to fund a “Big Government,” High-Speed Rail boondoggle that no rational, private corporation would ever invest in.

The news story comes from the San Jose Mercury News, the newspaper of Silicon Valley. The news story titled: “Gov. Brown looks to global warming fees to pay for high-speed rail” is at:


Gov. Brown is Governor Edmund Gerald “Jerry” “moonbeam” Brown, Jr. who has spent his life in Left-wing Statist politics.

This story illustrates that now we have unjustified environmental law, based on the fraudulent claim of a global warming crisis, being used to redistribute wealth from rational corporations investing in rational projects to irrational “Big Government” tyrants wasting taxpayer dollars in irrational boondoggles.

The project has not even started construction yet and the cost has already doubled. Remember that California has been financially bankrupt for many years already, but that doesn’t stop Big Government Statists who live in a fantasy world of their own making that refuses to recognize the facts of reality. To add insult to injury, this CA fantasy asks the federal government (i.e., our taxpayer dollars) to provide 62% (i.e., $42 billion) of the $68 Billion required to pay for this immense boondoggle.

It is time for taxpayers to resurrect Nancy Reagan’s slogan and “Just Say NO” to this California waste of taxpayer dollars.

This CA project will challenge Boston’s “Big Dig” for both the record in political corruption and the record in wasting taxpayer dollars.


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