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The Tea Party Budget Coalition

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Tea Party Debt Commission

The LVTP has joined the Tea Party Budget Coalition.

You can read the budget here, at FreedomWorks.org

The mainstream media claims the Tea Party movement wants "draconian" cuts yet lacks a reasonable plan.  The new "Tea Party Budget" plan offers a full-fledged rebuke to that assertion. As you’ll see when you read it, it’s detailed, serious, optimistic, practical, and bold. The plan:

  • Cuts, caps, and balances spending
  • Balances the federal budget without tax hikes
  • Reduces federal spending by $9.7 trillion over the coming decade
  • Eliminates 4 Departments (Energy, Education, Commerce, and HUD)
  • Privatizes and downsizes dozens of departments, agencies, and programs
  • Reduces federal outlays from their current level of 24 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), the highest since World War II, to a more realistic 16 percent
  • Gives individuals more ownership, choice, and control of their retirement through optional Social Security accounts
  • Lets seniors enroll in the Congressional health care plan.
  • Moves us boldly back toward the Founders' vision of limited, constitutional government

More at FreedomWorks.org -  Announcing the Tea Party Budget Coalition.


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